Digital Court Recording

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Frequently Asked Questions Pertaining to Digital Court Reporting
Digital court reporting, also referred to as electronic court reporting, has made its way into a number of courtrooms across the United States, thanks to advancements in digital recording. Digital reporting involves the use of high-quality digital recording equipment. The digital recording equipment, which includes a number of strategically placed microphones and video recorders throughout the courtroom, is generally hardwired. Generally speaking, a digital court reporter must always oversee the recording process, and is responsible for taking down notes during the proceedings and creating a log note of speaker identification and keywords, which serve as a general outline of the digital recording.
Benefits of Digital Court Reporting
Proponents of digital court reporting enjoy the high-quality audio that it captures, and our digital recording systems have a number of audio backups to ensure that the transcript is complete. Many attorneys appreciate working videos, as they often help them examine both verbal and non-verbal reactions of witnesses and defendants, including gestures, body language, facial expressions, and eye contact, and many judges and attorneys see digital recording as a way to decrease the risk of inaccurate transcriptions.